Profit First

Eliminate Financial Uncertainty. Become More Profitable. Put Profit First in Your Business.

Jennifer Allen

Jennifer Allen

Profit First coach

Jennifer Allen is certified in the theory and applications of Profit First for businesses in Maryland and across the U.S.

At J Allen & Associates, we don’t just do taxes and accounting work — we can help you become a more profitable business with our Profit First coaching and consulting services.

Our founder and lead CPA Jennifer Allen is a certified Profit First Professional. She will help you implement the Profit First program in your business — and be your coach along the way.

The Power of Profit First

The Profit First concept is straight-forward: It’s a cash management solution that improves your business’s financial health by putting profit first. (It’s a best-selling book, too.)

Mike Michalowicz, an entrepreneur behind three multimillion-dollar companies and a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, created Profit First. Today, he trains and coaches accountants and bookkeepers in Profit First’s concepts and strategies so they can implement the approach in their clients’ businesses.

Why Profit Matters

Simply put, a profitable business is a stable business. If you’ve never been able to hit the “We made a profit this year!” milestone, the Profit First system will help you build and sustain a healthy company that generates a profit each month.

When I learned about the concept of Profit First, I immediately knew it was the right philosophy for my clients and the many business owners I talk with. – Jennifer Allen

How Profit First Works

Profit First coach Jennifer Allen

Profit First is a best-selling book and a cash management approach created by Mike Michalowicz.

For many business owners, the Profit First concept may seem radically different from what they’re accustomed to doing — but Profit First is as simple as A–B–C:

  • Accounting. When you think about putting profit first vs. it being an afterthought — what’s left after monthly bills are paid — it changes the way you interact with your bookkeeping and accounting processes. With Profit First, you regularly set aside a predetermined percentage of each dollar your business earns first, with the remainder available for your business expenses. Even if the amount you initially earmark for profit is just 1%, it’s more than what many business owners set aside for profit. And Jennifer will show you how to increase that profit contribution to 2% and more.
  • Banking. A core principle of Profit First is using separate bank accounts — one for profit, owner’s pay, operating expenses and taxes, along with a primary income account. Doing this removes the temptation to borrow from yourself and gives you a clearer picture of how much money you have in the bank and what you can spend for key business expenses.
  • Consistency. Just like anything of importance you want to stick with, applying Profit First to your business is a habit. That’s why twice a month you’ll move money from your main income account into the separate accounts. (The amount is based on a set target you and Jennifer establish.) Knowing how much money is available for each business expense category requires you to adjust your spending accordingly.

If you’re ready to learn more about Profit First, schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with Jennifer. You’ll talk through your business concerns and goals. And you’ll make a plan for what support comes next. For many business owners, it’s a series of working sessions with Jennifer. For others, it’s a one-time intensive meeting with quarterly check-ins.

If you’re ready to get started on the path to profitability, contact Jennifer today.

If you wait until your business’ bills are paid to see if you made a profit, you’re in the same trap as many other business owners I know where profit is an afterthought. – Jennifer Allen

About Profit First Professional Certification

Jennifer Allen is a Profit First ProfessionalRecipients of the Advanced Certified Profit First Professional Firm designation must complete a rigorous coaching program and pass a final exam that tests on the theory and the practical applications of Profit First. They must also implement the system in their own firm, pass an audit process and complete three client implementations. When combined with the course training, the final exam ensures the public that the recipient has attained a level of competence appropriate for professional practice.

Only Certified Profit First Professionals are authorized to represent Profit First services. Jennifer Allen of J Allen & Associates became Profit First-certified in October 2019.